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Your Team 'Screens' Design Coach & Consultant...
David "Screens Doctor" Field
With over twenty year's experience of progressing Design & Innovation in SME businesses, I love exploring the increasing new 21st. Cen business possibilities 3D Spatial Computing is giving us. And a LOT of that is to do with screens & teams.
As a consultant, I develop new-product + new-service design projects for progressive SME's who's corporate clients include:
In addition, to augment Stride4's design consulting, Stride4 offers Training Workshops, eCourses, and Team Design Facilitation.  
What makes Stride4's services different plus engaging for your team, is that our Consulting and facilitation is delivered via our Stride4 Virtual Reality Studio where we '21St. Century focus' on your New Team Innovation.
Most important though is to...
For that we use our

Stride4 Four Step model

4 steps... For Team-Screens-FOCUS

we need clarity, direction &
For Your Team's
Brilliant 'On-Screens' Progress,
in 4 ~FOCUS~ steps...
Set Target

Step ~ONE~
'Set Target' - the 'ST' of st-r-i-de4 model

Every team task is more likely to succeed when the team sets the target.

The first step of stride4, the 'ST' of Stride is ST Set Target.
AND building further... ST also stands for 'So That'. For your 'target' ask the question So-That? Ask Four times to really expand the purpose.

Step ~TWO~
Explore The Alternative 'Realities'

Realities challenge and differ and that's good!
There are Human Perception Realities... Yours may be different to your team's. Your team's may be different to your customer.

Then comes other insightful realities. There's Data Proven Reality  and (the inevitable) Tech Progress Reality.

The final 'reality check' is 'KISS' Process Reality... A reminder that 'Simple' wins the race!


Step ~THREE~
'Ideas', Ideas, Ideas... Lots of 'Ideas' sparking!

Ideas... brilliant or crazy. Or maybe both; An idea is just an idea. But ideas lead to more ideas. So all ideas can be useful.

Most significantly, the previous steps of ST 'setting the target', plus also the 'R' step realising the 'realities' FOCUSES the ideas.


Step ~FOUR~
'Design' your fastest least-effort, max-impact, testable prototype.

Now's the time to get developing and combining the most relevant ideas. Think 'Fasttest' as in the fastest way to get relevant feedback on your ideas.

What can we now
with our new
4 Step FOCUS?
We can start 'mixing' it

Stride4... For 'Mixing' it

The sum of the mix is greater than the individual parts.
Stride4 Mixes are combinations of ideas addressing 'real' realities which are then design developed together to meet the Set Target.
Now, when we throw into the mix... people, teams, expertise & purpose it gets really, really exciting...

Team Personality Mixes

Everyone likes to think & work differently. And each person in a team may prefer different steps in the stride4 model. That's good! Shifting the focus to the four Stride4 steps enables the different strengths of different team members to multiply.

Collaborator Mixes

Collaboration between businesses is the way to get fast innovative solutions that go further.
Hit the ground running 'Stride4ing' it to tune in to the needs and new opportunities as collaborators.

Tools, Apps, Hardware Expertise Mixes

There's an app/program/widget for almost anything these days. The stride4 steps with help you find all sorts of idea combinations. Just as importantly, the steps will help you work out and test the useful mixes very quickly.

Product + Service + Mission Mixes

A Stand alone product or service is most likely, just a commodity.
A product + service combination is better.
Better still is product + service + meaningful mission.
But to really thrive, 'stride4it' to inspire the mix AND address the customer's real need.

'Stride4it' with your new team today

Start your new project
with great 'Stride4it'

At your next team meeting try this...

  1. As a team 'ST' Set the Target. Plus check that everyone really does have 'ST' Sight of the Target & remember to zoom out to check the big picture view the target... the 'ST' 'So Thats'
  2. In the meeting, search out the real 'realities' of the target that has been mutually set. Do this for each team member with the leader speaking last. (Remember, a team with differing realities in the mix will produce the best results!)
  3. Capture any new 'ideas' at this stage AFTER you have covered the first 'Set Target' and 'Reality' Steps.
  4. 'De' 'Design'. As a team review what you learnt in the 'ST-R-I' steps so far. Do you have enough of the components to explore piecing it all together as a design?  Is there a potential Maximum impact for minimum effort next step that can be explored with a 'Fastest' fast-test prototype construction.

Our Services

4 'Progress Services' to get you jump started & progressing today...

Instant Diagnostic

£300 special introductory offer
500 Data Points
1 Team Member
If you are new to Stride4, this is a great place to start...
Email > First impressions count! <
mail Get your initial impressions 'Screens Doctor' 'diagnostic consultation'.
Email We will together 'Design-Thinking' explore how your business presents via 'screens' to the world. Is what others perceive in line with your desired outcomes?
So what is your desired outcome? Let's start with an inspiring 15 minute chat on that.
IOS and Android App
Customizable Dashboard
Metric API
Learn More

Design Leverage Strategy Brainstorm

from £400 /day
2000 Data Points
Unlimited Team Members
Maybe you have seen one of my LinkedIn posts showing what I have been doing with 3D Engineering Design and 3D Design Tech.
I'm always keeping up-to-date with Design and Tech developments in 'Screens' but also in tech more generally.
Maybe some of what I have been doing with design can be applied for your business wins!
Tap into my Design-Thinking & 30 years design engineering, value engineering and design for manufacture experience.
Customizable Dashboard
Metric API
Learn More

New Team Dev. Design Coaching

$75 /month
5000 Data Points
3 Team Member
EmailThis service is focussed on 'growing' & 'needing-to-grow' SME's.
Let's ease your growing pains and expand your in-house design capability for adding real & targeted VALUE.
Maybe you have new or existing staff that you want to get up to speed with great design skills & practices... Design thinking tuned to your business development goals. Maybe you can form your first ever design function within your business.
Stride4 Design coaching can inspire and guide the way. Let's Stride4- your SME BIZ transformation legacy.
Metric API
Learn More

New Team 'Screens' Innovation Sprint

$250 /month
15000 Data Points
10 Team Member
Are you in a big corporate now thrown into working 'hybrid' with 'screens' Does your corporation need to innovatively collaborate to keep relevant in the changing business landscape?
PriorityNew teams are forming every week in the remote working/collaboration age And its all too easy to set up meetings filling every day.

STOP Stride4 it! Talk to us! We can design and online deliver, your bespoke innovation facilitation in the form of a 12 week, results orientated sprint.
Learn More
Got a different specific requirement in Mind? We love to adapting to new market needs... Please do contact us.

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